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The term MICE in context of travel is an acronym for meetings, incentives, conferences (conventions), and exhibitions (events). It refers to a specialized niche of group tourism that is dedicated to planning, booking and facilitating conferences, seminars and other events.


Components of MICE Travel:

Mice travel involves a number of components. We, at Deepak Tours, provide customized travel programs both for Overseas and Domestic destinations. We provide a full range of travel and conference services for large and small groups and events of shorter and longer duration.

A meeting can be defined as any number of people coming together in one place for a particular activity. It can be a one-time event or it might recur regularly. A conference is similar but usually has a specific objective and exchange of information.


Incentive Travel: Incentive travel is given to employees as a reward. It doesn't usually have a business or explicit educational component but instead is more of a non-business vacation with the aim of continued motivation for performance. It might involve the family of the employee or it could be a reward for a workgroup.


Exhibitions Travel: At an exhibition, products or services are displayed, and they might be the primary focus of the event. Other conferences and events might also have an exhibition as one of the components. Businesses court new clients and debut their latest offerings at these events.


Deepak Tours offers specialist MICE services that create a lasting impression for every meeting, incentive, conference or other event. We apply our experience and creative thinking to help your business host an amazing event that is guaranteed to achieve your desired outcomes. Through our excellent relationships with airlines, hotels and transport companies, we can provide logistics, travel and entertainment at leading rates. We put in optimum resources, latest technology, best of experience and personalized services to efficiently organize our client events and to ensure that we ‘add value’ to the original outcome of the event. We manage everything from conferences, to incentives, to product launches and exclusive dinners. We provide event management services in India and in most parts of the world.


Deepak Tours has the ability to manage corporate forums of any shape or size – from private dinner parties, to multinational conferences. Whether your event is large or small, we aim to create an impact on your guests the moment they arrive. We see every corporate event as a vital opportunity for your business to achieve goals – whether you want to inspire your staff, build relationships with prospects, or close a new deal with your customers. 


Our Modus Operandi:

We start by understanding your corporate objectives, including the needs of your audience, and how your event can help you fulfil those needs.

We use our hands-on-knowledge to work on your specific objectives and add value to your events.

From creative development to logistical planning and programme execution, we deliver innovative solutions.

Our expert team helps you with destination and site-selection, and looks into the finer details of day-to-day logistics and management, to give you a smooth experience.


How does working with Deepak Tours benefit your business?

We provide:

- An end-to-end service that takes care of most or all aspects of your event management, including your travel and accommodation logistics.
- We provide the best experience with personalized services at a very competitive cost.
- We also provide our worldwide network to assist you with on-the ground logistics and support wherever you are hosting your event.